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Papers = No FUN!

This is a quick post because I am in the middle of finishing a huge paper (42 pages, as of now, and I’m not done!) that is due this week. I have been working on it little by little, but it really needs a big chunk of time, and I have not had time for that – until now, when I don’t really have a choice.

Anyways, I started today at the gym with a 25 min. treadmill run, 1o min. rowing machine and a little stair mill. It was a great start. Then:

Breakfast: 2/3 c. egg whites with spinach, feta, tomatoes and avacado in a Flat Out wrap.

Lunch: Leftover salad without chicken and a container of fresh fruit.

Snack: A brownie treat (I will post the recipe this weekend!) and 1/2 protein bar and an apple.

Dinner: Fish Tacos from CEiMB. Recipe to come!


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