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We just returned home from one of my favorite places, Tilghman Island, MD. Each year we go to Tilghman for a few days in the summer for Brady’s family reunion. His aunt and uncle have a great place on the Chesapeake Bay. Our 5 day weekend was filled with boating, reading, walking, seafood festivaling, sailing, wine tasting (2 days in a row 🙂 Kristen!), celebrating Brady’s aunt’s 80th birthday, running, tubing, watching the sunsets, and eating crab. A few pics for now:


Tilghman Island Harbor


The historical Skipjack we took on our sailing dinner cruise.


Sunset across the bay.

More pictures, recipes and reviews to come.


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Last week was hot and I had a ton to do each day. One night after dinner I was in the mood for a sweet treat that wouldn’t make me feel gross for eating it. I LOVE what I came up with.

I searched frozen yogurt recipes and came across one of my favorite blogs: 101 Cookbooks .

This blog of one of those go-to blogs full of great, healthy, natural recipes!

I modified the recipe I found and it turned out like this:


Strawberry Pinkish Yogurt

  • 2 c. strained plain vanilla non-fat yogurt (The original recipe called for full fat but I didn’t want to use that)
  • 1.5 tblsp agave nectar
  • fresh fruit
  • splash almond milk to moisten the yogurt and add volume
  1. Mix strained yogurt with agave and place in an ice cream maker – or KitchenAid ice cream attachment, like I used
  2. Follow directions for ice cream maker adding yogurt/agave mixture
  3. Mix for about 15 min. until semi-frozen
  4. Add berries and continue mixing until desired thickness has been reached.


I ate mine with some almond butter drizzled on!

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I forgot how much I love my sprializer until I broke it out a few times this week! For this delicious creation I sprialized some raw zucchini.

I then took the raw zuc. noodles and covered them with Almost Oil-less Pesto and mixed in a diced tomato and some thawed artichoke hearts. I then topped it with fresh parmesan cheese.


Isn’t it pretty?! It was one of the most fresh tasting dinners I have had in a while and I loved how most of it was raw! I have been reading a lot about the raw diet and while I am not going to ever eat completely raw, I really believe there are a lot of benefits to this eating approach. Summer is the perfect time for preparing raw foods!

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I LOVE pesto and all things basil! At the moment I have 4 basil plants growing, one in the ground and three in pots. I know, it is a little excessive, but to make pesto you need a ton of basil.

This picture is pretty ugly, but you can imagine how delicious this creamy spread tastes!


Almost Oil-less Basil Pesto Recipe/Ingredient List

  • huge bunch of fresh basil
  • handful of raw almonds
  • big splash of lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. olive oil – I don’t know if you even need this.
  • handful of fresh parmesan
  • salt and pepper

Blend everything in the magic bullet or a small food processor. Add more of anything you like. This recipe is based on taste preference.   

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Lately, I have been a green monster machine. Each morning on the way to teach summer school, I make a smoothie filled with kale from my garden!

I am so excited that my garden has been growing so well! You can see the kale from the picture below and you can also see the tip of my first cucumber from the garden. I have a few other veggies now and I will do a recap on those soon!

I am not a parent yet, but I feel so much pride for my garden and how well it is doing, that I think of it like my child. 🙂 Weird, I know! Each day I water it and I weed it and I give it love. I also feel soo guilty for leaving it to go on vacation, and while I am gone, I think about it. Anyways, more on that later. 🙂



This smoothie was a little different because I added mango! Crazy, right!

  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 scoop Amazing Grass Green Superfood
  • bunch of kale
  • handful of frozen mango from TJ’s
  • 4 frozen strawberries
  • 1 c. unsweetened almond milk

Today’s smoothie is going to have the new Vega Smoothie Infusion in it! I will let you know what I think.

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Does a Body Good

An important message from my 90 year old Papa…     IMG_4498.JPG

Drink your milk!

For some reason my camera is not loading on my Iphoto. I have an appt. with the genius bar on Thurs. Hopefully, I will get it figured out before then.

Coming soon:

  • new cookbook reviews
  • review of Vega Smoothie Infusion
  • more green monsters
  • GREAT raw recipe
  • strawberry recipes

Things to do:

  • Order Jenna’s book – help the cause!
  • Go for a run outside
  • let me know of any good vacation books you have recently read – we are headed to the shore this weekend!

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Today is our 1st Anniversary! We can’t believe how fast the year has gone and how last year at this time we wrw going through the wonderful wedding chaos then heading to Cabo for almost two weeks!

To celebrate we had some of the top layer of our wedding cake:


We couldn’t remember what kind we had picked for top layer and were pleasantly surprised that it was carrot cake with almond ganache.


A goofy picture of us cutting the cake at my grandparents house- we are dressed a little different than last year!


Last year on this day:

hog247.jpg hog249.jpg




Off to celebrate Father’s Day! We managed to see my Papa, Brady’s grandpa and both of our dads today – in Chautauqua,NY, Cleveland, Chagrin Falls, and Columbus!


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