Christmas Eve Eve

For the Eve of Christmas Eve this year we celebrated Christmas with my brother and his girlfriend and my parents in Chagrin. We had a fun dinner and opened presents from Kevin and Lindsey.



For dinner we had:





And presents!




Let the celebrations continue!


My List

I can’t believe Christmas is already here! I have my shopping done and wrapped and now I am just working on baking and cooking! When I am at my parents in Cleveland, I feel like time flies by because there is so much going and so many people to see and so much hanging out to do. 🙂 I am hoping to schedule a lunch or breakfast with some famous bloggers for next week 🙂

For Christmas there were a few things I had on my list:

1. Rice Cooker – to make fluffy soft brown rice in minutes


at Amazon.

2. Magazines – I always want magazines!

– Cooking Light – my subscription is up in January

– Oxygen – I am already thinking about getting back in shape after baby. 🙂

3. DSLR Camera 🙂 for baby H. and for your viewing pleasure


4. A refill on my perfume – DKNY Be Delicous

5. a few surprises! 🙂

What is on your list?

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea: Sugar Scrub


A container of your choice, a glass jar

1 – 1 1/2 cup granulated white sugar

1/2 cup olive oil

Scented oil


1. Pour the white sugar and olive oil into a bowl.

2. Mix thoroughly until the ingredients are well blended. Add the scented oil of your choice and mix together.

3. Put the sugar and oil mixture into your container of choice.

3. Label the jar and and tie a bow on it!


I was recently sent some Vega Vibrancy Bars to review from Sequel Naturals.







Kelly from Sequel Naturals sent me this information. Each Vega Vibrancy bar features:

  • Sprouts galore – Sprouts are like the express bus to nutrition. The sprouting process converts complex carbs into simple carbs, protein into amino acids, and fat into fatty acids, meaning your body doesn’t have to produce its own enzymes for digestion. Plus the nutrients are in a usable, highly digestible form. With 17.5g of sprouts, Vibrancy Bars have more sprouted ingredients than any other bar on the market.
  • Raw protein – Packed with 10g of plant-based protein from sprouted buckwheat, hemp seeds, sprouted almonds, brown rice and pea protein.
  • Fiber, fiber, fiber – With 20% of your daily recommended intake, Vega Vibrancy bars have 5g of soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber slows the release of carbs into the bloodstream, helping control insulin levels, prolong energy, and gives you feeling of fullness, signaling that hunger mechanism to shut off. Insoluble fiber is important in terms of digestive health and cleansing by ensuring toxins don’t build up and spread to the bloodstream.

These bars had good flavor and great nutritional value. I will be honest and say that people who enjoy the taste of healthy green flavors will like these but they don’t taste like a candy bar.

If you are interested in these bars or anything else Sequel Naturals has to offer (they have some great products!) then…

Enter code HOLIDAY09 at checkout to receive $10 off when you spend $75. Store is at: http://shop.sequelnaturals.com/

Last night we went to Northstar Cafe in the Short North. It is one of my favorite places. They offer healthy, local, seasonal foods that satisfy everyone from the vegan to the meat lover. You can order wine, beer or a cocktail to go wtih your meal, as well fresh juice and homemade hot chocolate. IMG_6763.JPG



IMG_6767.JPGAAt Northstar you can sit and read one of the many magazines they have. A great addition to any restaurant – especially if you have to wait for your company for an hour 🙂 .

IMG_6768.JPGI browsed Fit Pregnancy and a few others before checking out Real Simple and the UK foodie magazine delicous.


Ordering at the counter is simple and quick.
IMG_6770.JPGI got the famous Northstar burger, which I am obsessed with. Its a mix of beets, black beans and brown rice. It is served with a simple salad on the side. I asked for no cheese and dressing on the side.



Brady ordered the BBQ pork burrito. It was brown rice, avocado, lettuce, veggies, pork and BBQ sauce, served with tortilla chips and salsa.

Our company was adorable too, my cousin Emily and Bill.

It was a great dinner. I am already planning my next trip back. The problem is I want to branch out and try something new, but the Northstar burger is so good. I may attempt to recreate it – the key word being attempt.

Hope your weekend was great! We are in Cleveland now, after a busy weekend of parties, shopping, wrapping, cookie baking and packing.

Work Party Treats

Brady’s work party was tonight at Claddaugh Irish Pub and we just got home a few minutes ago. It was a lot of fun to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in a while and Claddaugh did a nice job with the party. Brady ended up being in charge of planning the event (which meant I was planning the event 🙂 ) so I wanted to bring in a few simple dessert trays to go with the appetizer buffet.

I went to Costco and bought a few things that I thought would taste good, hold and up and be easy to transport. I arranged the four different desserts we purchased on platters so they would be easy to set up.

I bought:

  • brownie bites
  • little cheesecakes
  • red velvet cupcakes
  • pecan cookies with dark chocolate.

The trays were simple to make up and went over pretty well.


Then tonight, I arranged the cocoa rice krispie treats I made for school tomorrow onto a big platter so it would be ready to take in the morning.



The recipe for these is super simple – the same as regular rice krispies just using Cocoa Krispies instead!


This week was packed with things each night! From Christmas parties to soccer games to dinner guests, we have had a busy week.

I left the panini maker on the counter all week because I knew it would get put to good use. I made paninis for dinner and breakfasts. Here are two of my favorite combos from the week:

  • Multigrain bread
  • hummus
  • spinach
  • artichokes
  • brie
  • leftover veggies
  • spicy mustard



And a breakfast sandwich of :

  • strawberries
  • banana
  • TJ’s natural PB
  • multigrain bread


So warm and gooey! This is a great way to start the morning – good protein, carbs and fat plus the sweetness of the fruit.