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Taco Bar Time

Lunch today was the same as yesterday: leftover quinoa, veggies and hummus, and Greek yogurt with All Bran.  It filled me up, until my snack at 3pm – a Zone bar.

After school, I was tired but decided to go to the gym for another workout.  I have been slacking lately and had time to do some weights this afternoon.

PM Workout

30 min. of stair stepper while reading my book club book Water for Elephants

Upper body weights – 30 min.

I was excited for dinner when I got home.  We have planned our menu for the week and it was taco night.  I was sick of chicken lately, so I decided to try some vegetarian taco filling.  I have had the nature burger and the veg. chili made by fantastic foods, so I figured this would be pretty good!

It is very easy to make, just add water ( I omitted the oil it called for), and microwave!  When it came out it looked a lot more like meat than I thought (I think I may be able to pass it off as ground beef in a taco for Brady, I’ll have to try next time :).

My Huge Delicious Taco Salad:

  • iceberg lettuce
  • tomato
  • grilled onions
  • corn cut off the cob
  • black beans
  • avacado
  • fake taco meat 🙂

And on to dessert:  A Greek yogurt parfait with All Bran, peaches, and mango.


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