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The Mile High

When I was getting my hair done today, around noon, I all of a sudden became starving!  I’m not sure why, but when I got home I wanted to make something quick and easy.  I don’t know if I have been craving breadish carbs, or thought of it because last nights dinner and this mornings breakfast, but I decided to make a sandwich!

I toasted 2 pieces of TJ sprouted wheat bread (deja vu:) and then added:

– a hummus smear on both pieces of bread

– a little leftover chopped, grilled chicken from last night

– raw zuc and yellow squash

– arugula

– tomato

Look at how big it was!  I was planning on wanting more than just a sandwich for lunch, but I was really full after all of this fiber!  I did have a dish of frozen blueberries and 3 cherries for sweetness!

Around 3ish, I had a peach with some PB on it. Sorry no pic.  I also had about 12 of these little guys!

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