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V-Day Book Club!

What makes book club so much fun? A night of girl talk, fondue, fruit, rice krispies, ring tests, an underwear gift exchange, and TONS of laughs.

Here were some of the highlights –


My gift bag for Miss Hudson!


My FAVORITE candy in the WORLD – sweet tarts!


Hearts (that I cut out at school) to write down our next books!


Our chick book (1 chick book then 2 book club books).  This book was good/quick read/typical.  Not one of her best, but worth it on vacay or for working out!


Ellie’s Spinach Artichoke Dip


For dipping in our chocolate…

img_2814For more dipping…


Angel food cake!!

We also had a DELICIOUS cheese fondue (I will get the recipe) that Katie made.  For dipping, we had carrots, apples, and crackers.

It was a great night!



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When you go out on Saturday night with people you don’t see all of the time, it is sometimes hard to actually catch up!  There are lots of people and it’s loud so you can’t really find out what is going on!  This is what happened on Saturday!  We met a few friends from college out at a newer bar in Columbus called Martini Park to celebrate Danielle’s birthday.  It was fun but we didn’t have a chance to chat and find out about a certain someone’s new love interest.  🙂  So we planned to do dinner at our house on Sunday night!

Since I was already making cookies for Brady’s sister, I decided to make some for the girls!!





Kelly brought over an appetizer of light Brie cheese wrapped with with love, as she says!  It was delicious!!

For our dinner, I wanted something filling and healthy that felt like a Sunday Night Dinner! After sending a text to the girls asking them to choose between turkey lasagna, salmon or chicken.  Salmon was decided!  I did my Asian ginger/soy glaze and broiled the salmon.  I served it over wheat bulgar and a made up Asian veggie mix:  lentils ( I boiled for possibly too long!)  chickpeas, mixed veggies, water chestnuts and edamame.



Dessert was also pretty thrown together and SUPER EASY!!

Berry Trifle (not served in a trifle dish because I have candles in BOTH of mine!)

  • 1 angel food cake prepared as box suggests
  • 1 packet of lemon pudding mix (I used sugar free)
  • 2 c. skim milk
  • leftover cranberry pineapple relish I made last week
  • lots of frozen berries!
  1. Make cake as directed.
  2. Make pudding as directed.
  3. Layer pieces of cake, berries and pudding.  I did two layers of each!
  4. ENJOY!!

More proof that Sunday Dinners are GREAT!

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Tons of Treats

Last night we had our neighborhood holiday party! It was a great time! We started off with cold appetizers at one house, then moved to hot appetizers at another. After that the party moved to our house for dessert!!

We had a huge amount of delicious desserts!  I set up some things before the party started and people who were helping us brought stuff over.




The dessert menu included:

  • raspberry bars
  • peanut butter bars
  • brownies
  • gingerbread cake
  • key lime bars
  • fondue with pretzels, strawberries, and cookies
  • truffles
  • fudge
  • cheesecake

So….the new year of healthy eating will resume TOMORROW!!

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Happy 2009!

For New Years this year, my parents had a party. We had family and friends over to play games, drink and eat. I can’t believe 2008 is over. It was such a great year!! Some of the highlights:

• My bacholorette party in Jacksonville, FL with all my fave girls
• Girls trip to Cancun – my mom, Aunt Marilyn, and my cousin Cindy: March
• Baby Reagan was born (my cousins baby – my niece as far as we are concerned)
• OUR WEDDING in Chautauqua, NY on June 21, 2008
• Honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas
• Buying our house!!
• Traditional 4th of July in Chagrin Falls
• Girls trip to my house for shopping!
• Chicago for the OSU game
• Jacksonville for Halloween
• Tilghman Island, MD for my birthday!
• Two week Christmas vacation which included tons of family time, skiling, Cavs game, friends and fun!

When we reflect on the year, it really makes me think about how lucky we are and how many great things we are able to do!

So onto the food and fun from last night. To keep things simple – here is a photo review. I will post a recipe for Buffalo chicken dip and shrimp. Any other recipes you want?

Happy New Years!

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This year we are having a New Years Eve Party at my parents house in Cleveland! It will be about 20 people, family and friends. We are planning a competition night with games

Buffalo Chicken Dip (GF) with celery and crackers

Shrimp – in chili sauce with celery (GF)

9 – layer dip with blue tortilla chips (GF)

BBQ shredded chicken (GF) plus mini rolls (not GF)

Meatballs (GF)

Sushi (GF)

Salad (GF)

Corned Beef (GF) with mini rolls (not GF)

Dehydrated Treats – hehe!

Any other ideas! I will post drink menu, competitions and dessert plans!!

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So, Thursday we had a girls night at my house!  A few girls from my college sorority, who now live in Columbus,  came over for drinks and  holiday treats!  We had a great time!!


  • 1 round of brie
  • 1/2 c. raspberry jam
  • 1/3 c. pecans
  • 1 pillsbury cresent roll reduced fat

Roll out the cresent rolls and set brie on top.  Cover brie with nuts and jam.  Bake at 350 until roll is golden brown and brie is melty.


We had spinach artichoke dip as well as chips and salsa!

We also made these cookies look great!







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Ready for a party… :)

Tonight I am having a little holiday reunion party for my college sorority sisters!  I will post a complete recap with food, pics and recipes later!  Here is a small preview:

Christmas Wassail (red wine punch)


Chocolate covered popcorn


Sugar cookies we will be decoratingimg_2281

Gingerbread girls and boys to decorateimg_2285

And Brady fixing our Christmas lights in the snow last night!img_2287

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