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This morning we woke up and watched the Olympics for a little to get motivated for our run. Around 10am, we headed out into the 68* sunshine. I was thinking we would just do 2-3 easy miles and then head back for breakfast. We started running and just didn’t think to turn around until we were a good 3 miles from home. It was fine because we felt great and it was soo nice out. I love when you go farther than planned – it’s like a bonus!

So after our 6 mile run, we were hungry and thirsty. Luckily, I had had about 1/4 of a protein bar before we left so my stomach wasn’t totally empty. We decided to just have lunch instead of a really late breakfast. I made 2 turkey sandwiches on wheat with:

– hummus

– cucumber

– tomato

– arugula

– lettuce

– bacon (for Brady)

– light mayo and mustard

I also made us each a red, white and blue yogurt parfait! These included: 0% Greek yogurt, blueberries, wheat berries, strawberries and homemade granola. I needed a little breakfasty food to go with our sandwich.

It all hit the spot, but I think a snack will be in order this afternoon before we have a cookout tonight. A major downside of having people over all the time is DISHES! I am thinking paper plates tonight, I know its not great for the earth, but either is running the dishwasher 874058720348 times in one weekend! 🙂


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